Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Blu-ray - Zombi Holocaust, UK, 2015 (1980), 88 Films (88FB104)

Zombie Holocaust was transferred in HD from the Original Negative in Italy to .DPX files. These were shipped on hard drive to Pinewood Studios where they were conformed, the overcut splices were removed, graded, stabilized and extensive automated and hand clean up was performed. No Noise reduction was performed at any stage of this process. The English and Italian audio was transferred to 24 bit .wav and synced up in Pinewood. H264 Compression was at a constant bit rate of 35Mbps to achieve optimal quality. (1)
Licensed by Variety Communications, Italy. (2)

FPS: 23.976

Aspect Ratio: 1.85
Region: B


2-perf 35mm (Techniscope) Original Camera Negative. (3)


2K Telecine at Eurolab, Rome, Italy. (4)
- At least one scene is sourced from the old LVR Video Telecine.

Color Correction / Restoration
Color Correction and Restoration at Pinewood Studios, London, UK.

- This release has quite a huge grain structure which is normal since 2-perf (2.35) film stock was used to shoot this 1.85 movie. Basically, the left and right side of the exposed film was discarded in order to get an aspect ratio of 1.85, then the film was scalled by about 28% in order to fill the height of the destination resolution which in this case is 1080p.

1. Page 01 of included booklet.
2. Back cover.
3. May 19 2015 88 Films Facebook Post on the restoration of Zombie Holocaust, image of the post here.
4. PM from 88 Films.

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