Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Blu-ray - Zombie Flesh Eaters, UK, 2012 (1979), Arrow Video (FCD705)

The film was sourced from the original Techniscope 2-perf 35mm negative made available by Variety Communications, Italy. The pictures was scanned at 2K resolution and fully graded on a Nucoda Film Master at Deluxe Soho, London.

Restoration work was completed in 1080Psf HD resolution using a combination of software tools and techniques. Thousands of instances of dirt, scratches and debris were carefully removed frame by frame. Damaged or missing frames were repaired, and density and stability issues were significantly improved. Throughout the process, care was taken to ensure that the film's original details and grain structure remained unaffected by digital processing. Although every effort has been made to present Zombie Flesh Eaters at the highest quality possible, some minor picture issues remain, in keeping with the condition of the original materials.

Lastly, working from the original 2-perf negative has allowed for access to the entire exposed image area of the film, so we have chosen to retain as much of the original frame area possible for this restoration. (1)

FPS: 23.976

Aspect Ratio: 2.35
Region: B


2-perf 35mm (Techniscope) Original Camera Negative.

2K Pin-registered Scan at Technicolor, Italy. (2)

Color Correction / Restoration

Color Correction and Restoration on Nucoda Film Master at Deluxe, London, UK.
Encoding by Crawford Media Services, Atlanta, US. (3)

Note that all Arrow Video's Zombie Flesh Eaters Blu-ray releases offers that same encode (FCD704FCD704BFCD705).


1. Page 39 of included booklet.
2. PM from Arrow Video.
3. Slate at the end of credits.

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